John Wood's Art

Others Places

Berlin, architecture and history, I wander random streets, photographs textural and linear, something to work with later.

Uljin, South Korea; here to be found rugged beauty, mountains and wild oceans, fresh scented pine forests, beguiling women and everlasting friendships. Take long, lonesome walks in the mountains. Long bike rides through deserted valleys. Discover new ways, new isms, new joys, and new frustrations.


Quick drawings with bamboo stick

Shenzhen, China neon skylines and humid summers, construction expansion Chinese paper and ink paintings yet to come …

Buildings and architecture become symbols. They represent our lives, our politics and social structures; St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, Harrisons Printing Plant, Di Wang, Namdaemun, Broom & Wade, Swiss Re Building, The House of the Rising Sun.