John Wood's Art


Do we paint the surface or what’s behind the surface?

I make a quick sketch of a man working - a worker. He is oblivious to me drawing him. It’s a natural pose, his face half obscured. Does it matter if he doesn’t know I’m drawing him?
I’m not drawing him

I think of an ex-girlfriend. I doodle, lost in thoughts of her. I don’t even know I’m drawing a picture of an ex-girlfriend (I am lost, in thoughts). I don’t know what I’m drawing. It’s a doodle. I am oblivious. I emphasize certain lines. Something happens.
I am drawing her

I take life drawing classes. The models recline, sit and pose. I look and draw. I concentrate. I look and draw.
I am drawing them but I am not drawing them.

I draw myself. But it’s not me. I put water-color on it. It doesn’t work. It’s not me. I become frustrated. I throw water at it. The paint runs and blends. Something happens. The picture works. It’s me.

I listen to Elvis. He is singing a tragic, overblown ballad. He sings another sad song. He is the older Elvis and, like his songs, tragic and overblown. I draw him from the image in my mind. I add water-colour. I throw water at the water-colour. The paint runs and blends. Something happens. Elvis is crying.

I think of Picasso

The sketch becomes a painting

The doodle becomes a painting

A self portrait becomes a painting

Elvis becomes a painting